[MERGE] Fix for poor bzr rm * performance in trunk

Johan Walles johan.walles at gmail.com
Tue May 5 08:21:36 BST 2009

Here's a patch that fixes the poor bzr rm * performance in bzr trunk:

The patch does two things:
* It calls osutils.minimum_path_selection() from within
workingtree_4.iter_changes() instead of using a copy of
osutils.minimum_path_selection() in there.
* It converts osutils.minimum_path_selection() into an O(n log n) algorithm.

Timings of bzr trunk without this patch (notice how it's slower than
1.13.1, not my fault though :-):
$ time rm --keep *
real    0m11.291s
user    0m7.304s
sys     0m3.880s

New timings on my system with this patch applied:
$ time bzr rm *
real    0m11.124s
user    0m7.088s
sys     0m3.920s

$ time bzr rm --keep *
real    0m9.936s
user    0m6.768s
sys     0m3.076s

So bzr rm now performs about the same with and without --keep.  As a
side effect, anybody else calling osutils.minimum_path_selection() will
be faster as well.

 Have fun :-) //Johan
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