merging selective changes from merge directive patch file.

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Mon May 4 17:45:33 BST 2009

(a) You may be able to shelve the changes you don't want to commit after merging in the merge directive. Not 100% sure on this one. 
(b) You could create a merge staging branch, merge into that, change what you want, and then create a new merge directive. This results in the "excluded" revisions being merged but then effectively undone. 
(c) You could cherry-pick the merge, possibly from a merge staging branch. This results in the excluded revisions not being merged at all. 
----- "Niben M Singh" <niben_s at> wrote: 
> Hello All - 
> I am very new to Bazaar but am very pleased with it. It's an excellent tool! 
> I have a question about merging from merge directive. If your merge directive contains more than one set of changes then is it possible to choose only the selected change sets from it? I can see the merge history but am just curious whether I can just pick selected changes from there. 
> Niben 

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