How do you remove a remote branch?

John Szakmeister john at
Mon May 4 16:55:58 BST 2009

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Aaron Bentley <aaron at> wrote:
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> John Szakmeister wrote:
> I don't keep my branches in my working area.  They're in a shared
> repository that I rarely look at directly.  Branches in a shared
> repository are quite small (44K used).

It's not so much the size as the sheer quantity... and not knowing
which are active and which are not.  As an example, I'm currently
working on a codebase that has a number of active branches (>100).
Things get merged, and then they're no longer active.  Of the course
of a year, we may have 1000 or so.  Perhaps we have to take a
different strategy on how to go about doing long feature development
branches.  It's nice to have them all co-located in the same place,
but maybe we need to move away from that?  I dunno.  I guess that's
the big difference between how you operate, and how we'd like to
operate: we want to make sure code is not lost.  So, we need to put it
somewhere where people know about it, where it's backed up, and where
folks can find it easily.  We'd like to do that without building new
tools to do it.

> So, in that case, you can use my tool hitchhiker, which is like a
> commandline ftp client that supports all the protocols bzr uses.

Interesting.  I'll take a look.

Thanks for all the help!


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