Using Winmerge with TortoiseBzr

Niben M Singh niben_s at
Fri May 1 01:30:26 BST 2009

I searched for this and did not find any good answers so I am posting here.

One of the problem I am having with Bazaar is the diff of binary files. I LOVE diff utility that comes with TortoiseBzr but it fails to diff some of the files saying its binary. I could easily diff them using WinMerge utility. I see that in TortoiseBzr settings if I go to General Options -> General Bazaar Options it pops up Configuration dialong. In the Diff tab of the dialog it allows to add different diff tools.

In the utility I added WinMerge with the command "winmergeu" (I had the command in path). It does not seem to work for me. Did anyone have any luck with this?

I will appreciate any response.


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