bzr 1.14: Installing from source broken by default on Windows when compiling extensions

Richard B. dj_deipotent at
Wed Apr 29 23:50:04 BST 2009

I  haven't  got  a  problem  building  bzr  from  sources.  I was just
wondering  if  a  standard  procedure  had  been  agreed upon (per the
original  message  list  thread  message  "RFC:  including zlib.dll on
Win32"),  and  when  this  automation  might appear in an official bzr

I'm a bit surprised the official bzr 1.14 release was made without
this being resolved first.

Best regards,
Richard B.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 11:29:37 PM, you wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 7:55 AM, Richard B. <dj_deipotent at> wrote:
>> This is due to the new requirements on zlib.
>> I  know there are several ways to get it to compile, and there is also
>> the  workaround  solution of using the --allow-python-fallback option,
>> but I'm wondering if any consensus has been reached on the best way of
>> supporting install from source on Windows, with the new bzr 1.14 ?

> I was able to build on windows with gcc/mingw by following the
> instructions for zlib but renaming libzdll.a to libz.a.

> I don't know whether similar things are needed for the other compilers.

> --
> Talden

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