Error during install from sources on Windows when using Python x64...

Richard B. dj_deipotent at
Tue Apr 28 17:22:43 BST 2009

I run Windows XP x64 so thought I'd install the x64 version of Python
(ie. python-2.6.2.amd64.msi) and try to install Bazaar from sources.
Unfortunately, after running "python install", I got an
error at the point when building 'bzrlib._btree_serializer_c'

  File "c:\Python26\lib\distutils\", line 274,
    in query_vcvarsall raise ValueError(str(list(result.keys())))
ValueError: [u'path']

I haven't developed in Python but, being a programmer, I had a look at
the source for, and think the error was caused due to
it  not  being  able  to  find  vcvarsall.bat.  This file was actually
present,  but  being  Windows x64, the location was in a sub-folder of
"Program Files (x86)" rather than "Program Files".

To cut a long story short, I installed the 32-bit version of Python
and "python install" ran without problems. Is this a problem
with Python x64 or with some part of Bazaar ?

Best regards,
Richard B.

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