looms v. rebase (or, Where are the blogs?!)

Russel Winder russel.winder at concertant.com
Wed Apr 22 22:43:04 BST 2009

I am at a conference (ACCU 2009) and email access is dreadful (Swisscom
want £12 per day or £60 for 7 days and I refuse to pay that extortionate
amount of money -- Swisscom are "Evil" !)

On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 22:56 +1000, Ben Finney wrote:
> "Stephen J. Turnbull" <stephen at xemacs.org> writes:
> > Who said it's "superior"?  All I'm arguing is that rebase is a useful
> > optimization and not hazardous, let alone evil.  (I know, you never
> > said "evil".  But others did.)
> >
> >  > I have not used the word "evil".
> > 
> > Others have, and much of what I have written is in response to them.
> I've just gone through this thread (at least, those messages available
> on the archive I'm using) and the only places people bring up the word
> “evil” are in putting words into other people's mouths. The earliest
> being that Andrew Cowie claims the Bazaar core developers think rebase
> is evil — yet I can never find any of them saying so themselves.
> So, if you're responding to claims of “rebase is evil”, can you please
> show where that claim was made and by whom?

The phrase "Rebase is evil" was definitely used (I have the email), but
it was used in the semi-humorous sense of "everyone considers it a bad
thing" rather than "it is the spawn of the devil". 

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