colocated branches plugin?

Jelmer Vernooij jvernooij at
Tue Apr 21 13:50:51 BST 2009

Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Jelmer Vernooij пишет:
>> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>> Hi Jelmer,
>>> I found your colocated branches plugin. Unfortunately it cannot be
>>> used on Windows at all because of lacks of symlinks there.
>>> What you think about using lightweight checkouts instead of symlinks
>>> for branch pointers?
>> I'm not sure if it would be possible to use lightweight checkouts to
>> another branch in a subdirectory without a .bzr directory in between. If
>> it is in fact possible, patches are most welcome :-)
> Well, something like this perhaps will work:
> cwd/
>    .bzr/
>       branch/       <---- branch reference
>       branches/
>         .bzr/       <---  treeless shared repo
>         trunk/      <---  repository branch
>         featureX/   <---- repository branch
>       checkout/
>     <working files here>
> The one big problem I see here is branch reference should use relative
> path, but standard bzr branch reference implementation uses absolute
> paths, so the structure above is not movable across filesystem.
> There is possible to introduce and use another branch reference format
> with relative paths support, but this break compatibility with
> existing clients w/o plugin (as you claim in your readme). As a bonus
> user can use standard switch command to switch between branches.
> May be I can provide a patch to implement my idea, if it makes sense
> for you
Yeah, I think this makes sense. Such a new branch reference format could
be provided along with bzr-colocated.



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