Better name for dpush wanted

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Mon Apr 20 12:51:15 BST 2009

Martin Pool wrote:
> 2009/4/17 Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at>:
>>> 1. It seems likely you're going to want to always turn this on for a
>>> particular destination repository, if that repository's policy is
>>> there should be no foreign metadata.  If it's an option we can set it
>>> in locations.conf and then not remember to use it every time.  (I's
>>> possible we can have an option that says "when I say push really do
>>> push-lossy" but then you're effectively giving this behaviour to
>>> push.)
>> That's a good point.
> For me that's the tiebreaker.

Putting my "better UI" hat on, I'm thinking of writing a spec called
something like "one concept, one command". It would suggest things
like turning init-repo into init --repo. (As a related enhancement to
maintain backwards compatibility, it would introduce "standard aliases"
so that init-repo would still work.)

On reflection, I really like Martin's idea. Putting this functionality
as an option to push *and* updating the help to make it very clear that:

* you don't need it to push to foreign tools
* but you do if your project only wants "basic" metadata stored
* and we'll resync the local branch iff you use this option

sounds the best way forward. That removes all the issues above
discoverability too.

It doesn't look like we're any closer to agreeing on an option name. :-(
I'd lean towards something like --basic-then-resync-local given my
comments above. That's pretty verbose but the people that use it all
the time will undoubtedly add an alias like:

  dpush = push --basic-then-resync-local

anyway. :-)

>> I wonder if it would be possible to have sections in the listings of
>> options in help? We could e.g. have a section for dpush-related options.
>> Samba already does this for most commands, and it makes it a bit easier
>> to find the right options in a list of two dozen or so.
> I think having sections in the options help listing would make sense.

Me too. Structure and grouping in a UI are wonderful things.

Ian C.

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