Will re-basing support be added into Bazaar core ?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Mon Apr 20 12:36:44 BST 2009

Richard B. пишет:
> After playing with Bazaar and reading about DCS' in general on the
> web, I feel reasonably confident about using it for the feature branch
> workflow. As re-basing seems to be a fundamental part of this
> workflow, I'm wondering whether re-basing will be added into the
> Bazaar core, without the need for the re-basing plugin ?

Rebase is completely orthogonal to feature branch workflow.

I'm very often use rebase, but only for cherrypicking or changing the 
history (rarely).

Current state of rebase UI is very odd.

Rebase plugin provides 2 conceptually different commands: rebase and 
replay. In both commands there is --revision option used. But in each 
command it used in different ways.

rebase use -r N..M, where N inclusive, but M is exclusive. So to rebase 
tail of the branch user need to specify open ended region, e.g. `-r 3..`

rebase silently ignores -rN option. At all.

replay require revision to work, and it supports one revision case -rN 
properly. And replay -r N..M uses M as inclusive bound.

These differences (and difference from typical bzr UI) make rebase UI 
very hairy and IMO it's lower than usual bzr quality level. I.e. before 
rebase will be ready to go into the core there should be major redesign 
of the UI.

I should say that I'm very often use rebase and in fact I like its 
power, but often I have WTF moments with it.

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