Will re-basing support be added into Bazaar core ?

David Timothy Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Mon Apr 20 08:53:50 BST 2009

----- "David Cournapeau" <david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp> wrote:

> I don't know for Russel usecases, but for me, 5 and 6 are not the
> same, they are very different. Merging is the same - from a tool POV. But
> with rebase, you can update your branch on top of some mainline to keep a
> patch up to date, which makes it easier for review by an *actual
> person*.
> I use git rebase mainly for keeping patches up to date, so it is a
> bit like mercurial queues or bzr looms. Except that it is much easier
> because the workflow is exactly the same as for normal git
> operations.

This is also unnecessary use of rebase. You can run "bzr diff --old=[mainline]" to get a patch that applies your feature branch's changes to the mainline. "bzr send" can produce something very similar with a merge directive that contains a human-readable patch.

Note: In either case, you'll first want to merge mainline -> feature branch in order to resolve any conflicts.

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