Better name for dpush wanted

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Mon Apr 20 02:09:05 BST 2009

Russel Winder <russel.winder at> writes:

> Given the (weak) analogy of "git commit" and "git svn dcommit" to "bzr
> push" and "bzr dpush", the status quo actually works fine for me.

Aaron Bentley <aaron at> writes:

> I still like "push-rebase" for the "you knew the risks" connotation

Both of these arguments seem to be assuming that the person trying to
find or understand the command is *already familiar* with Git to a
significant degree. That doesn't seem like a good assumption for an
operation explicitly designed to help *Bazaar* users deal with a
*foreign* VCS.

If we want the command to imply warning connotations, then it must do so
*without* relying on knowledge of other VCSes otherwise the implication
will be completely lost on a significant portion of exactly the sort of
user it's intended for.

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