external diff tools on windows

Maritza Mendez martitzam at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 01:21:49 BST 2009


First to establish some credibility I am already successfully using
BeyondCompare with the extmerge plugin.  Works great!

Using BeyondCompare as an external diff tool seemed like it would be even
easier.  I just need an alias in my bazaar.conf:

bc = diff --using 'C:\\Program\ Files\\Beyond\ Compare\ 3\\BComp.exe'

I figured out that the escapes were necessary to get the command passed back
the way windows needs it.  Lousy windows paths!  :)

Then when I do

bzr bc foo.cs

As expected, I do get the GUI diff tool looking at the 'old' and 'new' files
which are apparently read-only in a temp directory.

When I close Beyond COmpare (even if I do nothing else in BeyondCompare), I
get an error.  Here is the complete interaction:

C:\Documents and Settings\martitza\Desktop\work>bzr bc foo.cs
=== modified file 'foo.cs'
bzr: ERROR: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is
being used by another process:

Why the error?

I have not tried to use any other external diff command.

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