need help with push usecase

Maritza Mendez martitzam at
Sat Apr 18 00:29:55 BST 2009

Please help me with this toy problem.  I realize this workflow is terrible.
I am just trying to explain what I am seeing!

Directory structure like this:

  \----- trunk (contains the mainline for my project)
  \----- develop  (will contain a branch of base\trunk)
  \----- backup

cd base/develop
branch ../base/trunk   # make a branch for development, not bound
cd base/develop
.. commit some changes...
push base/trunk        # push changes to trunk and make trunk the default
branch for pushing from develop

.. time passes, maybe some stuff happens...

push base/backup     # try to push a "safekeeping" copy of development to
the backup area
*bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock base/backup/.bzr/checkout/dirstate
But I see that bzr has in fact "succeeded" pushing a backup.  And I can
break the lock, and all seems to be good.

Also I notice that after the semi-aborted push... bzr info on develop
reports that base/trunk is still the "push branch' for base/trunk

I seldom use push and I do not think I have ever tried switching the push
branch before.  In this case I want to use push instead of branch to
minimize the amount of traffic required to do a backup.

What did I do wrong?

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