[MERGE/RFC] Userdoc Driven Design on the Bazaar 2.0 UI

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Apr 17 21:00:11 BST 2009

Neil Martinsen-Burrell writes:

 > In Bazaar's bound branch or checkout model, the commit is made to the 
 > remote branch before the commit in the local branch.  I don't think that 
 > either ordering is at elevated risk of data loss (since the commit must 
 > succeed one place first)

That's where you're mistaken.  In a checkout, there will be no commit
at all if the push fails.  In a branch, the commit should not fail,
and will be there to fall back on if the push does fail.

 > but that committing remote then local preserves the idea that the
 > local branch is a mirror of the remote branch.

Once the push succeeds, I don't see that it matters.  With push-first,
if the push fails, your work is at risk because it hasn't been
committed, and the next thing you do (pull) is by definition going to
change your workspace.

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