1.13 vs 1.14rc1 performance summary

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at canonical.com
Tue Apr 14 15:11:15 BST 2009

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Ian Clatworthy wrote:
>> See the attached. There's clearly a bit of noise creeping
>> in now and then so I ran the benchmark twice.

> Branch:shared	11.0	6.1	24.4	9.4 bzr branch $... fix
> I'm really happy to see this, I'm guessing it is the "iter_files_bytes"
> change.

Me too.

> Add:commit	5.3	1.1	1.9	2.5 bzr commit -m "testing add"
> Somethingvery strange going on here, given that the former sped up by
> almost 4x, but the latter slowed down.

Agreed. I looked at the numbers across both runs before deciding
that things were probably ok here.

> Change:commit	0.9	1.0	1.9	7.6 bzr commit -m ...
> Tag:tag		0.2	5.7	0.2	0.5 bzr tag BETA-1
> Something to be aware of. I don't know if this is genuine or not. 1.9 =>
> 7.6 is pretty serious, as is 0.2 => 5.7.

Precisely. It was the 7.6 number that made me run the benchmark a
second time. I'm not sure exactly what caused the problem but disk
space may have been very low on the first run ad/or some of the kids
games might have still been running as background processes or ...

> Bundle:send	23.9	1.2	7.1	2.6 bzr send -o zzzBundle.path
> 23.9s => 1.2.. I know there were a couple of improvements here,do you
> think these are genuine? I guess emacs has a *very* long mainline, so it
> might be possible. I don't think emacs has a much larger number of commit

I hope so, given it was me who tuned send during 1.14. :-) Emacs has
105K revisions and I changed some things from being O(N) to not being that.
My _iter_just_entries() change is helping as well - it was added to make
send faster in brisbane-core and landed indirectly through there.

> In a very strange twist, with the second run:
> Branch:shared	11.9	7.7	9.5	16.1 bzr branch $... fix
> Suddenly we go *up*...
> So I guess we just need to take these with a bit of skepticism. I wonder
> if there would be a way to clean up the results a bit. Maybe calling
> 'sync' between actions?

Keeping the kids off my test machine would help but that's not practical
over the school holidays. I do have a new desktop coming in a week or so
and it will be off limits to them!

Ian C.

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