Noob questions for installing/upgrading Bazaar, and setting up/understanding feature branch workflow...

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Apr 13 08:18:22 BST 2009

Richard B. пишет:
> I'm new to Bazaar and trying to understand how to achieve the feature
> branch workflow and also how to install and upgrade Bazaar on Windows.
> I read the manuals but it's still not clear in my head, hence my post
> here.
> 1) First, installation/upgrade - Initially I just used the Windows
> installer to install 1.13.1 and it worked fine. Then I wanted to try
> the latest 1.14rc1, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Are there
> instructions for:
> a) Windows instructions for upgrading to beta/RC builds when you initially installed with the
> installer ?

Instructions very simple. If you're using standalone installer then:
uninstall previous version and install new one.

> b) Windows instructions for installing Bazaar (including Python
> instructions) without using the installer (ie. using the tar.gz) ?

I don't think you need it. But if you really need it then look at

BTW, I'm strongly recommends to use python-installers instead of plain tar.gz.
Or build python installer on your own machine from tar.gz and install
from your installer.

How to build installers:

> 2) Feature branch workflow - I'm a sole developer who works on
> multiple projects on a local machine. When I need to fix a bug on a
> project or add a new feature, I would like to create a new branch.
> However, I may want to work on several fixes/enhancements at the same
> time (ie. have multiple branches open), and for multiple projects.
> I was thinking of using the project/trunk layout (User Guide
>, and using the preferred way for Bazaar:
> D:\
>   +- Projects
>     +- Project1\
>       +- trunk\
>       +- branches\
>         +- foo\      branch for fixing foo bug
>     +- Project2\
>       +- trunk\
>       +- branches\
> Do I really need a trunk folder, or can I just store the mainline code
> in Project1, Project2 etc. ?

Yes, with separate trunk things are more clear.
Also it's better to have shared repo in ProjectX folder.

> The User Guide appears to say that with Bazaar, each project
> should have it's own shared repository (ie. all child branches of a
> project use that projects repository). Is this correct, and what advantages
> does this method have over using a single shared repository for all
> projects and child branches ?

Separate shared repo allow you to freely move projects outside entire tree.
One big shared repo for all projects will work, but it's not recommended way.

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