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On Sun, 2009-04-12 at 12:30 +0200, Vincent Ladeuil wrote:
> >>>>> "Russel" == Russel Winder <russel.winder at> writes:
>     Russel> Jelmer,
>     Russel> On Sat, 2009-04-11 at 23:59 +0200, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
>     >> Bazaar will already ask for the credentials only once if credentials are
>     >> asked. The problem in this particular situation is that GET and OPTIONS
>     >> requests (used by bzr-svn) don't require authentication while POST
>     >> requests (tried by bzr's smart protocol client) do. We don't want Bazaar
>     >> to ask for credentials here at all, but as the smart client gets to
>     >> probe the URL before bzr-svn does the user will see a prompt.
>     >> 
>     >> Perhaps Bazaar should try all formats without using authentication first
>     >> and if there's no format that succeeded prompt the user and try the
>     >> formats that required authentication. That's quite a lot of
>     >> restructuring to implement properly though :-/
>     Russel> This all seems like Bazaar internals are getting in
>     Russel> the way of what the user knows to be straightforward
>     Russel> and simple: I know that the project at the end of the
>     Russel> URL is a Subversion one that I can access without
>     Russel> authentication.
> So you don't need the automatic smart server probe.
> Try using nosmart+http:

I can see that that will cure the difficulty but is it the right thing
for a user to have to do?

svn+http is a positive statement by the user that they know that the
repository is a Subversion repository and is giving information to
Bazaar to enable short-circuiting of algorithms.

nosmart+http is a negative statement that requires the user to know
about how Bazaar works.

I therefore argue that svn+http is a better solution to the problem than

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