Cutting the SVN origin

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sat Apr 11 22:45:55 BST 2009

Hi Philippe,

Philippe Lhoste wrote:
> I have converted a local SVN repository (from TortoiseSVN, so on
> Windows, all on local PC) to bzr. IIRC, I had an error message but
> after all it worked well.
> E:\Dev\PhiLhoSoft
> > bzr info Lua
> Standalone tree (format: rich-root-pack)
> Location:
>   branch root: Lua
> Related branches:
>   parent branch: SVNRepositories/Lua/trunk
> I tried to push it to Launchpad, I had an error.
> I would like:
> - To cut the umbilical cord: no need to reference SVN
Which references to SVN would you like to cut exactly? The parent branch
reported by "bzr info" ?
> - To use LP for this repo
> So what is the best way to convert a repository from one format to the
> other. I don't care if I loose some meta-data in the process...
> I tried:
> E:\Dev\PhiLhoSoft
> > bzr init _Lua
> Standalone tree (format: pack-0.92)
> Location:
>   branch root: _Lua
> E:\Dev\PhiLhoSoft
> > cd _Lua
> E:\Dev\PhiLhoSoft\_Lua
> > bzr pull ..\Lua
> bzr: ERROR:
> KnitPackRepository('file:///E:/Dev/PhiLhoSoft/_Lua/.bzr/repository/')
> is not compatible with
> KnitPackRepository('file:///E:/Dev/PhiLhoSoft/Lua/.bzr/repository/')
> different rich-root support
This should work if you upgrade the branch that you're pulling into to a
rich root format.
> OK. I see the --development-rich-root option to init (which I don't
> have, still having 1.11, I wait for final 1.14) "can convert data to
> and from pack-0.92 (and anything compatible with pack-0.92) format
> repositories" but I don't know if it is able to do this.
Actually, that is a typo in the description that should be fixed in the
final version. --development-rich-root can not convert back to pack-0.92.

FWIW, the new format of which a beta is available in 1.14
(--development-rich-root) and that will hopefully end up in 1.15 will
only support rich roots. You can try to convert your repository back to
a non-rich-root format now but it seems like a waste of effort since
we'll hopefully soon have a format that supports rich roots by default
and since we don't have any tools for doing this at the moment.

There are no disadvantages in using a rich root format other than the
fact that the current default format doesn't support them. Rich root
repositories should also work fine with Launchpad.



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