Is this individual workflow viable? Can I bring it to Launchpad?

Philippe Lhoste PhiLho at
Thu Apr 9 20:06:39 BST 2009

Matt Nordhoff wrote:
> Launchpad is run by nice folks, so I wouldn't worry about it. And
> anyway, it's not like they'll ever notice. ;-)

:-) Anyway, that's open source code, so along their policies.

> You don't need to create a project. Every user has a "+junk" namespace
> where they can push random branches. E.g.:
> bzr push lp:~philho/+junk/my-branch

Excellent! I saw the trick somewhere, but forgot the syntax.

> I hope you mean SFTP, not FTP. Aside from the lack of encryption, weird
> bugs in your FTP server might cause problems for Bazaar.
> But sure, you can use FTP. I'm just being paranoid. :-)

I wasn't sure, so I checked. I can use SFTP. So I will... :-)

>> I can't use Python on these sites, alas, so I can't set up a Bzr server
>> there.
> Too bad!

Mmm, I just discovered I can use SSH, and it appears they have Python. 
2.4.4 to be exact. That's were I am happy that Bzr is pure Python, 
unlike Hg, I am not sure I can use compiled stuff.

> I don't know of any free hosting sites other than Launchpad and
> SourceForge. :-P

Too bad, it might change in the future, I hope. I will give a try to LP.

> Hope this helps!

Many thanks for this precise and helpful answer.

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