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I have bzr running as a service behind OpenSSH on Windows.  So far so good.
Before I can deploy a pilot project, I need an automated backup strategy for
a shared repo hosting about 100GB of code and data.  I've found quite a bit
of discussion and ideas on the bzr site and in irc logs.  But I have found
few solutions.

Our priorities are as follows:

1. integrity of the backup
2. integrity of the backup
3. integrity of the backup

We have developers in four timezones.  Many days the longest interval
between commits is less than two hours!  So all times are equally good and
bad.  Convenience is optional.  Integrity is not.  So I need to lock out all
writes to the repo -- both data and metadata -- before I can start the

I have read people talking about locking repos but I do not know how to do
it.  Ideally someone will tell me there is a signal I can send to bzr which
will make the smartserver poll until it can get a lock on an entire repo and
then do nothing until I send it another signal to unlock.  I suppose I could
read up on the bzr API and write my own script to poll for a lock but I am
hoping some nice person has already solved my problem.  :)

What have I missed?  What do the "big" open source projects out there do to
make sure backups are reliable?

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