ghost revs/inconsistent parents/missing revs in bzr check

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Wed Apr 8 01:28:42 BST 2009

Christophe TROESTLER wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Apr 2009 17:25:47 +0200, Tom Cato Amundsen wrote:
>> It can get worse.
> I just tried on some repositories of mine and it seems not to work
> well when using repositories branched from SVN [*].  E.g.
> $ bzr check
> Checking working tree at 'file:///home/trch/software/OCaml/syntax-ext/pa-do/trun
> k/'.
> Checking repository at 'file:///home/trch/software/OCaml/syntax-ext/pa-do/'.
> bzr: ERROR: parent_id {4 at 8e2808ce-4b4b-0410-b4ba-b33ea86c27bb::trunk} not in inv
> entory

> or
> $ check
> Checking working tree at 'file:///home/trch/software/OCaml/fftw3/'.
> Checking repository at 'file:///home/trch/software/OCaml/fftw3/'.
> bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.SHA1KnitCorrupt: Knit <bzrlib.knit._VFContentMapGenera
> tor object at 0x1e8aed0> corrupt: sha-1 of reconstructed text does not match exp
> ected sha-1. key ('christophe.troestler at
> a',) expected sha 8fd1763db7261af897f286c705a5484557276329 actual sha 8d1bab21bd
> 3469636a92a607624591b50a873d8a

This is all unrelated to ghosts.

> Traceback (most recent call last):
> ...
> My day to day interaction with these repositories works fine but these
> errors are a bit worrisome.  Is there a way to fix them?  I can send
> the repositories or perform some checks if needed.
> Regards, 
> ChriS
> ---
> [*] A fresh checkout from SVN checks fine but I would prefer to avoid
> that as I have some branches that I have not made public.  If I branch
> from the bzr repository it also checks fine and I only have some
>       ghost revisions
>       revisions missing parents in ancestry
>       inconsistent parents
One of the things you can do to work around this is to:

* create a *new* shared repository
* clone the svn branches into that repository
* clone your bzr branch into that repository

that way, the old (broken) imported revisions will be gone (step 3 won't
import them since they are already imported into the repository) but you
don't have to push your changes into subversion.



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