Submitting PQM request to someone's public_branch?

Bob Tanner tanner at
Tue Apr 7 22:01:48 BST 2009

On Apr 7, 2009, at 3:25 PM, James Westby wrote:

> bzr pqm-submit --public-branch=whatever

$  bzr pqm-submit --public-branch=lp:~bzr/bzr/bb-1.14 --submit-branch= 
  -m 'test'
bzr: ERROR: no such option: --public-branch

-m 'test' was a legit message just in case the submit worked, but as  
you can see, the pqm option, --public-branch is invalid.

tanner at ubuntu-8-04:pqm$ pwd

tanner at ubuntu-8-04:pqm$ bzr update
Tree is up to date at revision 60.
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