[MERGE][1.14][355273] Fix OSX test failures

Jean-Francois Roy bahamut at macstorm.org
Tue Apr 7 09:20:10 BST 2009

On Apr 7, 2009, at 01:10, Vincent Ladeuil wrote:

>>>>>> "jfroy" == Jean-Francois Roy <bahamut at macstorm.org> writes:
>    jfroy> Mac OS X 10.5's Terminal can optionally set LANG.
> Wow, shiny preferences or Terminal ! Never noticed it (I still
> use 10.4 most of the time though).
>    jfroy> I am not sure what the default setting is, however (it
>    jfroy> may very well be disabled by default).
> Seems checked by default, yet, LANG is not set with UTF-8
> selected as 'Character encoding'.

It definitely should be. It certainly is on all of my machines (it  
gets set to en_US.UTF-8). That being said, the feature does interact  
with the system's locale database, and if none can be found that  
matches the selected encoding, I believe Terminal will not set LANG.

>    jfroy> Previous versions of Mac OS X's Terminal did not do
>    jfroy> this at all.
> Indeed.
> But bzr can be used even without a terminal, so that's not the
> only case to take into account.


> We had (and still have) problems on OSX with encodings (tty *and*
> fs), that may need to be revisited (see bzr and osutils), but
> anyway, bzr.dev at 4216 seems to be what triggered all the problems
> so with all these failures I hope to be able to nail it for good
> (at least come back to previous state where we know some fs
> encodings will still be problematic but the ones used in test
> suite (AIUI, jam knows all the details here)).

tty issues aside, special care must indeed be taken on Mac OS X w/r to  
unicode decomposition when sending and receiving file paths. The  
encoding will always be UTF-8 for all filesystems at the API level  
however (it's a POSIX compliance requirement and an implementation  
detail). Decomposition is something Subversion does wrong and it has  
bitten be in the past when accented characters.

In addition, the one other quirk I am aware of are "Icon\r" files,  
which have an empty data fork but some data in the resource fork. Most  
tools can't deal with the Mac line break (CR) in the file name,  
including bzr's .bzrignore mechanism. I'm pretty sure Bazaar doesn't  
support multiple file forks or extended attributes either, but that's  
a different matter.

> I will check with previous versions of bzr as it seems that my
> setup has hidden some bugs here for some time...
>    Vincent

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