Slow checkouts with bzr 1.13 into shared repo.

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Apr 6 15:31:32 BST 2009

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Matt Scarisbrick wrote:
> Dear All,
> I've just upgraded to bzr 1.13, running on Vista. I have a relatively
> large project hosted on a remote server with numerous branches. On my
> local machine I have a shared repository into which I checkout my trunk
> branch. I then checkout other branches into this repository to work on.
> Prior to bzr 1.13 these checkouts were extremely fast but now they're
> really slow and bzr is downloading a lot of data for each one. Has
> anyone else noticed this? Do I need to do something different in bzr 1.13?
> FYI what I do is:
> bzr init-repo .
> bzr co s
> bzr co s
> (where other is a branch off trunk)
> Thanks,
> Matt

Out of curiosity, what version is the server?

I've seen some reports that 1.13 with a 1.12 server is slower, but that
regression has since been fixed, and the change will be available in
1.14. Though if you can upgrade the server to 1.13, you would have an
*even better* result already. (We optimized some things for 1.13 <=>
1.13, and didn't realize it slowed certain things down for 1.13 <=> 1.12.)


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