BDFL decision of Python's DVCS

Philippe Lhoste PhiLho at
Fri Apr 3 11:45:50 BST 2009

On 31/03/2009 13:13, Nicholas Allen wrote:
 > Now that Bazaar makes this easily possible for me I probably rename files every
 > 2 or 3 commits - but then I work in Java where file names and classes have a
 > one to one relationship.

That's funny, I am exactly in the same case: I code in Java (and Processing), and JavaFX,
but also Lua and some other languages. In Java, not only you might rename, but you can
also move to another directory (changing package).
I like explicit file names (and in Java I have little choice anyway...) and I don't
hesitate to rename my files. Now, I work mostly on little projects (often one file!) and
alone. I understand this way might be less suited on big projects (although at work, were
we code in Java and use Perforce, we do that from time to time).

This rename handling (and the range of protocols, including FTP) is one of the factors for
my move from Mercurial (tested only briefly, I must say) to Bazaar.
And I am pleased with it. I also appreciated a lot the quality of the documentation:
clear, addressing various workflows, not "rigidly" set on cloning branches on the
slightest change (see Mercurial practices: use with IDEs and scalability
why I am un-easy with this).

Mercurial is fine, of course, Bzr is just more fitting to my tastes. :-)

[Sending again this message, my first. Looks like Gmane eat it. Sorry if duplicate.]

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