[MERGE] CHK maps (brisbane)

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Fri Apr 3 03:41:25 BST 2009

This patch includes the new code and tests for CHK maps,
one of the pillars of brisbane-core. As this is 99% new
code, it has no impact on bzr.dev stability. It's also
been reviewed by a mix of people (including me) and been
heavily exercised for months now in the brisbane-core
branch. I'm happy it is safe to land.

The main thing to note is that, while all the tests are
included, some of them need to be disabled until the
development5 format loads. (It smells like a test layering
violation than chk-map is tested via a repository format
than depends on repo changes than depend on inventory changes
than depend on chk-map but that's how it is.)

Those higher layers are coming any hour/day now so this is
just a temporary issue though. I *could* put all the layers
together but that doesn't make sense from an ease of review

Ian C.
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