New 1.14 RC date?

Talden talden at
Thu Apr 2 22:12:03 BST 2009

>  > However, I don't think it should be left out merely because it is a
>  > beta-quality format.
> "Beta-quality" is irrelevant.  It's *just* *not* *ready*.  That's why
> more time was requested, no?
> IMHO, a scheduled release should be delayed only for a showstopper.
> Otherwise, *everything* is a potential showstopper.

This is the point we need to decide NOW (and with a pending RC this is
somewhat obvious).  For me 'scheduled' has always been 'around this
date', with the intention that any movement must have good reason - I
happen to think this is a good reason given the low risk and the
benefits of a month earlier feedback on brisbane-core.

However I'm not going to throw my toys out of the cot and bad-mouth
Bazaar if it doesn't get a dev-format brisbane core in 1.14 for
release timing reasons.  I will be disappointed and it will probably
push out the chance to advance bazaar as an adoption option for me by
a month - if that crosses a corporate quarter that could mean a three
month delay.

However the other discussion about refusing to allow these dev formats
in any releases - that I think would be a very bad thing as I think it
would set the rate of Bazaar maturation back severely. If that proved
to be true it could very possibly remove bazaar as an option as I do
think Bazaar still has a way to go.


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