Last day to vote/reject on proposed EOL names

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Apr 2 11:09:30 BST 2009

Mark Hammond пишет:
> On 2/04/2009 8:52 PM, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>> The problem is that bzr may guess it should change my content
>>> underneath me. Semi-smart editors (ie, too dumb to fix copy-paste
>>> EOLs, but smart enough to notice changes underneath them) which are
>>> running when the tree is updated may report the file was changed
>>> causing confusion for the user. The problems resulting in bzr *not*
>>> doing a transform seem artificial IMO. So I see practical problems in
>>> bzr changing stuff underneath me, and no practical ones in bzr *not*
>>> doing that.
>> I don't understand the text above. Perhaps because my poor English.
>> Sorry.
> My apologies - I'm fully aware English isn't your native language.
> * svn currently rejects mixed EOL files in some situations and I've seen 
> no evidence this is a problem.
> * Therefore, if bzr offers a similar message, I've no reason to believe 
> that will be a problem either.
> * If instead, bzr guesses that my mixed EOL file should be changed 
> underneath me (ie, what I checked in isn't exactly what I get back after 
> updating, assuming no other checkins), I can see scenarios where editors 
> will present warnings to users which will confuse them more than the 
> 'sorry - eol style is mixed' message discussed above.
> As a result, I conclude that rejecting the commit is the best option.

I think such reject can be (should be?) done in the pre-commit hook.
It's not directly related to eol support.

Year ago I wrote checkeol plugin because IPython developers need either
proper eol=native support or pre-commit hook.

> Cheers,
> mark

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