Last day to vote/reject on proposed EOL names

Mark Hammond skippy.hammond at
Thu Apr 2 10:56:28 BST 2009

On 2/04/2009 6:52 PM, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Mark Hammond пишет:
>> On 1/04/2009 11:16 PM, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>> Mark Hammond пишет:
>>>> On 31/03/2009 4:29 PM, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>> Mark, we have discussed this topic last year and I remember your opinion
>>> on variants other than "native".
>>> It's good to see this year your opinion is still the same :-)
>> Phew :)
>>> But... that's not all for me. I have bad experience with editors that
>>> screwed up eols
>> Wouldn't rejecting such files keep you happy here?
>> > and as John said I'm too much worrying about annotations to lose
>>> them.
>>> Changes in eols are too hard to track -- because they are invisible!
>>> You have to use hex viewer/editor to see actual eols.
>> I'm afraid I don't fully understand the implications here, but isn't
>> this bzrlib's problem? I'd be disappointed if there was an EOL option
>> exposed only so bzr would avoid screwing your annotations once you
>> enabled EOL support for your repos...
> May be I don't understand what you mean by "isn't this bzrlib's problem".

I think you should fully expect (a) you can leverage the new EOL support 
and (b) your annotations keep working without bzr exposing a custom EOL 
setting expressly for that purpose.  IOW, keeping your annotations 
working should be bzr's problem, not yours.



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