New 1.14 RC date?

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Thu Apr 2 03:56:38 BST 2009

Jason Earl wrote:

> On the other hand, at least *I'll* be able to get back to being able to
> test the conversion.  So that's something.  Who knows, it's even
> possible that the brisbane-core format won't even work as well for Emacs
> as the 1.9 format repositories.

I haven't forgotten the fast-import bug affecting the Emacs conversion.
I've just been *extra* busy on EOL conversion & tuning brisbane-core for
bulk data entry (fast-import) and log. FWIW, I fixed a bug this morning
that was causing me grief converting the last 5K of the 105K revisions in
Emacs. I'm rerunning a conversion right now. That particular bug wasn't
brisbane-core related so it will help the conversion to 1.9 or 1.14 as

In fact, I convert Emacs at *least* once or twice a week to the
brisbane-core format. I benchmark as much as I can using Emacs as
my sample data. Branching outside a shared-repo is a bit slower still.
Otherwise, brisbane-core is looking extremely good IMO.

> I'll try not to be impatient.

You're *very* close to the top of my list. But I feel that all the stuff
I've been doing - log of DIRs, EOL, fast-import -> brisbane core, reviewing
brisbane-core code - will get you there faster anyhow. I realise that doesn't
reduce your frustration in trying to get a conversion to 1.9 done but please
bear with me a little longer ...

Ian C.

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