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> > open source. I think this whole speed business is a bit overrated.
> > I  
> I agree.  Certainly our overriding goal isn't speed for its own sake,
> but to make a VCS that people love to use.  Being “fast” is a
> necessary, but not sufficient condition for a good UI, and being
> “fastest” isn't necessary.  People care about more than that, as, for
> example, Python's decision not to use git shows.
> We need to be “fast enough”.  Beyond that our efforts are better
> spent improving other aspects than speed.

Absolutely.  Don't keep me waiting on something I could (pretty much)
do in my head, and don't keep me waiting forever on something I expect
to take a bit of time.  If bzr is network-bound, it should let me
know.  If it is CPU-bound, it should let me know that, too.  I don't
mind waiting for some things, simply because, well, computers _do_ make
life easier.  And it sure the hell beats trying to manage the same
information by hand.  I'd hate to think what a "manual VCS" would look
like, since manual processes require more exclusive locks...

Manager:  What do you want?
Editor:   I need the form number 11!1-0.
Manager:  Here.
Editor:   I need to make changes to it.
Manager:  Oh.  *removes 11!1-0 folder and gives it to Editor*
Editor:   Thanks.  I'll be back with the changes...
Manager:  Okay.  *Places paper where 11!1-0 folder was to indicate
          that Editor has the file.*
Employee: I need a form 11!1-0, please.
Manager:  Oh, sorry.  Those are out for editing, check back later.
Employee: When will they be ready?
Manager:  Not a clue.  I just handed them out.  They can't be used now.
Employee: Uh, okay.
Editor:   Here is the newly-changed 11!1-0.
Manager:  Oh, great!  I've had requests for these...

Hrm... yeah.  bzr is pretty fast, when you think about it that way.  :)

	--- Mike
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