New 1.14 RC date?

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at
Wed Apr 1 14:37:32 BST 2009

Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> I'd like to hold off doing the 1.14rc release this Friday and
> target Wed/Thu next week say, instead. The chk stuff looks
> like it's coming along nicely but I can't see us merging it
> all into this week in a safe, fully reviewed way.
> As next Friday is the start of the Easter long weekend, having
> as much done as we can by Wednesday seems a good goal because
> it would allow Bob a day to chase down any issues. Alternatively,
> we could delay the RC a few more days - till Tues Apr 14.
> FWIW, I really like sticking tightly to monthly releases.
> In this case though, I think our community may be better served
> by waiting till we're merged brisbane-core so we get broader
> testing of that code sooner. Releasing the RC next week also
> give *me* more time to iron out any EOL issues that arise.
> Thoughts?
> Ian C.

Not that my opinion is particularly important, but I'm against pushing
back the release and landing a large feature at the end of a release
cycle. Didn't we go through this in 0.92 or 1.6 and say we had learned
our lesson?

In the end, I will defer to bbc's developers, and I can understand the
desire to get wider testing ASAP, so I'm only -0.75, not -1. But I'd
really prefer to let it take its time in the brisbane-core branch until
we're sure it's ready for merging, not just "close enough", and then
bake in for a few weeks before it's unleashed on the masses.

To tell the truth, I have the impression that bbc is being rushed so
that we can say "Look, 1.14 finally delivers on the performance
promises! We're a mature DVCS! Please don't forget about us!". I'm not
saying I'm *right*, just warning you that that impression has colored my

If I am wrong, and everyone is really considering bbc's readiness on its
own instead of being concerned about 1.14, I can support merging it into, but I'd still really prefer to do it at the beginning of a
release cycle.

(Of course, I run anyway, so it's not like the release cycle
really affects *me*. I'll have to deal with the fallout no matter what.
:-P )

So...yeah. :-D I got kind of serious there, huh?

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