BDFL decision of Python's DVCS

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at
Wed Apr 1 07:04:42 BST 2009

Karl Fogel writes:

 > Well, if Bazaar can do that, that means it can be a universal client!

Not quite, yet.  It can't do the kind of DAG editing and traversal
that git does, recent stuff like import filters and the log -n flag
notwithstanding.  The fact that it can represent the DAG doesn't mean
it can do anything useful with it.  And if the format even permits
such surgery, the operations still need to be implemented.

While that likely leaves the majority of naive users cold (including
people working in a workflow a la PEP 374), the popularity of git
despite its cranky UI suggests that many people value such features.

It would nevertheless be a *great* tool, and a boon to all who work on
multiple projects.  Just don't oversell it.  How about "portal
client", because it allows "entry" into any project?

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