BDFL decision of Python's DVCS

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Wed Apr 1 06:50:32 BST 2009

Wonderful fool day joke! Many thanks.

Ben Finney пишет:
> Ben Finney <ben+bazaar at> writes:
>> Guido has, in Message-ID:
>> <ca471dc20903300758s47fc922bpacaa4a5fb10a1dac at>,
>> announced the decision of which DVCS he has chosen for the development
>> of Python:
>> =====
>> Dear Python developers,
>> The decision is made! I've selected a DVCS to use for Python. We're
>> switching to Mercurial (Hg).
> Well, this was short-lived. Guido has now retired in the furore and
> this decision has been corrected:
>     Guido […] has decided to step aside as its Benevolent Dictator
>     For Life. His official title is now Benevolent Dictator Emeritus
>     Vacationing Indefinitely from the Language (BDEVIL). […]
>     Guido's successor has been chosen: Barry Warsaw, or as he is
>     affectionately known, Uncle Barry. Uncle Barry's official title
>     is Friendly Language Uncle For Life (FLUFL). […]
>     FLUFL Uncle Barry enacts the following decisions, in order to
>     demonstrate his intention to lead the community in the same
>     responsible and open manner as his predecessor, whose name
>     escapes him:
>     * Recognized that the selection of Hg as the DVCS of choice was
>       clear proof of the onset of the BDEVIL's insanity, and reverting
>       this decision to switch to Bzr instead, the only true choice.
>     […]
>     <URL:>
> This programmer, for one, welcomes our new FLUFL overlord.

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