Slow checkouts with bzr 1.13 into shared repo.

Matt Scarisbrick matt.scarisbrick at
Tue Mar 31 15:34:40 BST 2009

Dear All,

I've just upgraded to bzr 1.13, running on Vista. I have a relatively 
large project hosted on a remote server with numerous branches. On my 
local machine I have a shared repository into which I checkout my trunk 
branch. I then checkout other branches into this repository to work on. 
Prior to bzr 1.13 these checkouts were extremely fast but now they're 
really slow and bzr is downloading a lot of data for each one. Has 
anyone else noticed this? Do I need to do something different in bzr 1.13?

FYI what I do is:

bzr init-repo .
bzr co s
bzr co s

(where other is a branch off trunk)



Matt Scarisbrick (matt_scarisbrick at

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