BDFL decision of Python's DVCS

Nicholas Allen nick.allen at
Tue Mar 31 12:13:35 BST 2009

> Well, no.  In the market for developer mindshare, you need a
> competitive product, smoke and mirrors is not enough.  Bazaar's
> technical advantages are minute (very few projects rename files at
> rates of more than a tiny handful per year),

Could that be because it's such an absolute pain in Subversion so users don't 
attempt to do this? I know that's exactly how we used subversion at my old 
work. We found ways to avoid renaming files whenever we could.

Now that Bazaar makes this easily possible for me I probably rename files every 
2 or 3 commits - but then I work in Java where file names and classes have a 
one to one relationship. But even when I work in Python I like to keep the 1 
file = 1 class rule if I can and adopt a naming policy so it is easy to find 
which file a class is in. If you do this then you rename files every time you 
rename a class. Again, this is probably not as likely in Python because of the 
lack of good refactoring tools and the fact that Python is not type safe (but 
in Java I rename classes A LOT because it's so easy it's a no-brainer).

For me, renaming files means I can keep a clean and logical layout of my code 
base and this is important for code quality. In Python and Subversion I would 
expect developers to fight renames whenever they could because the combination 
of these 2 makes it not worth the effort. But at least Bazaar supports it if 
you want to do this and in my case that is extremely often. Maybe when Python 
refactoring tools mature a bit and catch up with Java this will be more of an 
issue for Python developers...

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