[MERGE] integrated EOL conversion support

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sun Mar 29 14:34:50 BST 2009

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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Ian Clatworthy пишет:
>> Brian de Alwis wrote:
>>> On 28-Mar-2009, at 12:41 PM, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>>> I need the way to force lf on windows. How can I achieve this?
>>> And similarly I need to force crlf on MacOS X  (I do VCS ops from MacOS
>>> X, but edit the files via VisualStudio running through VMWare Fusion).
>> Done in the attached.
>> "Are we there yet?" :-)
>> Ian C.
> bb:approve

I'm still a bit concerned that the labels are the "wrong way" around. In
that you are setting the line-endings in the repository, rather than
settting the line-endings in the working tree. I'm pretty sure other
systems like svn have the value indicate the working tree line endings.

(At least last I checked, 'crlf' meant native locally and crlf in the
repo, rather than whatever in the repo and crlf when I'm working with it.)

I honestly think people care more about the value they get when they are
working on the file, because it matters what other tools are going to do
with it.

I'm certainly not trying to block, just address a possible point of

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