bzr 1.14 release schedule and manager

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Mar 26 11:40:21 GMT 2009

Talden пишет:
>> We talked a bit about this on the phone the other day, so I thought I
>> would summarize here.
>> I'll also mention, by way of background, John's recent post
>> summarizing
>> what's going on in this branch.
> I grabbed the brisbane-core branch (lp:~bzr/bzr/brisbane-core) to have
> a play.  I notice there are new dependencies to get the extensions
> compiled... and I apparently don't have them (on WindowsXP using GCC).
> Is there a document of what I need to add to build the extensions - I
> added zlib after make reported it missing but may have done so
> incorrectly, I progressed from errors that were very clearly zlib to
> one that reports that -lz was not found which sounds zlibby...
> (keep in mind I've barely touched C/C++ since university and that's a
> dozen years or more ago - be gentle with me).

I hope someone will update this page for new dependencies:

I saw there is now zlib, lzo, lzma, xdelta, and other players there?

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