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Brian de Alwis wrote:
> On 24-Mar-2009, at 1:03 PM, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
>>> Please forgive a momentary whinge, but this behaviour has been
>>> annoying me too.  It's registered as bug 58180
>>> (
>> This is a different issue though; his repository doesn't have any
>>  special characters, this appears to mainly be a bug in bzr-svn
>> on Windows, not converting all \ (the standard path separator on
>> Windows) to / (standard path separator in POSIX, URLs and
>> Bazaar).
> Forgive me if I jumped the gun -- the stack trace looked very
> similar to what I remembered encountering during my conversion (and
>  it does look similar; see below).  From a brief inspection, I
> guessed that bzr-svn was trying to spoof up a bzr inventory from an
>  equivalent subversion revision, and erroring out because of the
> invalid character.
The problem in Talden's case seems to be that "\" as a path separator
isn't handled right, while in your case the problem is "\" as a
character in a filename isn't supported.
> You may be correct about bzr-svn not properly converting the \ to /
>  in Talden's repository.  But I get a very similar error pulling
> from the NetBSD SVN-converted repository using bzr 1.12 and bzr-svn
>  0.5.2, and in this particular case the filename is supposed to
> have a '\'.  Stack trace follows; the main difference is instead of
>  add_directory towards the end, mine is add_file:
I'm aware of this issue but it's not something I can fix in bzr-svn,
it's in Bazaar. The only reason bzr-svn checks for backslashes at all
is so it can give a nicer error message rather than the backtrace you
would otherwise get.


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