Can't make keywords work

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Mon Mar 23 00:26:15 GMT 2009

Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:


Thanks for the testing and feedback.

>>> nmb at guttle[/tmp/test]$ bzr add test.txt .bzrrules
>>> adding test.txt
>>> adding .bzrrules
>>> nmb at guttle[/tmp/test]$ bzr ci -m 'initial commit'
>>> ignoring files outside view: .bzrrules, test.txt
>>> Committing to: /private/tmp/test/
>>> added .bzrrules
>>> added test.txt
>>> Committed revision 1.
>>> # Lets see those keywords
>> ^- something weird here, given that .bzrrules is in the view, but then
>> it claims it isn't... Probably worth reporting on its own right.

So I need to improve the text here. I'm trying to tell you what the
view is and say that files outside it are being ignored. Would this be

  Ignoring files outside view. View is: ...

> Done. #346195.  I will file the lack of keyword expansion as a bug
> against bzr-keywords on Launchpad.

I need to remove references to .bzrrules as that file is no longer
supported - only global rules currently are. I'm putting together
a patch now to support custom rules.

Ian C.

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