[MERGE][#109143] Support bzr+ssh://host/~/path

Andrew Bennetts andrew.bennetts at canonical.com
Wed Mar 18 01:58:17 GMT 2009

This feature is overdue.  It allows you to use URLs like:


Rather than:


This makes bzr+ssh URLs consistent with SFTP URLs.

I think the only slightly risky thing here is that using /~/ in the URL changes
the bzr invocation on the remote side from using --directory=/ to --directory=.

If the server's SSH daemon is configured to only allow “bzr serve --inet
--directory=/ --allow-writes”, or a branch in the user's home directory depends
on data outside of their home directory (e.g. due to a shared repository in
/home/), then /~/ won't work for that user.  But that's not a regression, and
arguably just a server configuration issue rather than an issue in the client's



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