Syncronized checkout has different code than source

Bryan Vicknair bryanvick at
Mon Mar 16 22:35:01 GMT 2009

Just to make sure I got this right:

The server is correctly in sync, I just need to do bzr update if I
ever want to actually view the latest code on the server.  And if I
start any branches from the server, they will have the latest code.

Alternatively, I could pull the updates from my local trunk to the
server, in which case, the server would show the most up to date code.

Am I close?


On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 2:57 PM, John Arbash Meinel
<john at> wrote:
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> Bryan wrote:
>> * Created a branch "trunk" on a server.
>> * Created a local checkout of the trunk
>> * Branched the local checkout of trunk, made changes, commited
>> * Merged local branch into local checkout of trunk
>> * Commited local trunk, which sent the changes to the server
>> The revision numbers match up between my local checkout of trunk and the
>> server's trunk, but when I inspect the modified files on the server, they have
>> the old code.
>> If I checkout from the server's branch the correct code shows up.
>> Is this the expected behavior?  Why can't I view the latest source files in the
>> server's trunk?
> On your server you probably need to do "bzr up", by default bzr doesn't
> update remote working trees. (Issues with conflicts, etc.)
> You can install the "push-and-update" plugin (lp:bzr-push-and-update),
> which will update remote trees.
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