[ANNOUNCE] bzr-svn 0.5.3

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Tue Mar 10 13:38:13 GMT 2009

I'm happy to announce the next minor release of bzr-svn, version 0.5.3.
This release fixes some more performance issues and several bugs. 

The next release will hopefully be 1.0.0. bzr-svn is pretty much feature
complete now, and is waiting for some more changes to land in bzr core
so svn-push can be replace with standard push.

The changes since 0.5.2 are:


   * Lazily load commands during help. (#330928)

   * Fix one-line helps for dpush / foreign-mapping-upgrade. (#331051)

   * Skip unicode tests if the local file system doesn't support

   * Don't print traceback when connection errors occur during push.

   * Fix exception importing with itrunk* layout.

   * Break subversion locks in ``bzr break-lock''.

   * Handle corner case following branch paths outside of prefixes in 
     revision metadata browser.

   * Handle strange corner case in HTTP, where get_dir() works on files
and we 
     accidently start to call update() on files.

   * Don't check branch root when looking for round-tripped revisions
that used 
     revision properties. (#294784)

   * Support non-ascii characters in home directories. (#333121)

   * Fix recognizing tags when using wildcard layouts. (#333960)

   * Fetch left-hand side ancestry if it's outside of the prefix in
     svn-import. (#334692)

   * Support pushing kind changes from directory to file. (#335445)

   * Fixed canonicalization issue when retrieving remote revision trees
     over HTTP.

   * Fix recognition of v3 mappings pushed with incomplete revision

   * Print proper error when a part of the repository is inaccessible
     fetch. (#323084)

   * Fix concurrent access problems during push/commit. (#248289)

   * Allow svn: revision specifier in non-svn branches. (#337295)

   * Cope with v3 and v4 mappings being interwined in a mainline 
     with roundtripped revisions. (#332364)

   * Print proper error when it is impossible to get a branch path 
     in a particular layout. (#340081)


   * Significant speed improvements when no (old) tags have to be
fetched. Requires 
     InterBranch.pull() patch.

   * The guessed layout is now only stored in the configuration and no
     re-determined every time a repository is accessed.

   * Looking for missing revisions is now done in groups, significantly
improving the 
     time spent in the "determining revisions to fetch" step.

   * A simple LRU cache is now used for texts during fetch.

   * Avoid loading subvertpy in a couple more situations when probing
     Subversion repositories. (#336449)


   * Now prints parent Subversion revision number after successful pull.

   * Annotate run against Subversion repositories now works. (#335735)

The release can be downloaded from:


A signature of this tarball made with my GPG key (1EEF5276) can be found


As always, please file bugs on launchpad:




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Jabber: jelmer at jabber.fsfe.org
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