Couple of bzr-svn related issues...

John Szakmeister john at
Mon Mar 9 13:03:47 GMT 2009

Hey Jelmer,

I've been trying to use bzr-svn more (and it keeps getting better,
BTW), but I've run into a couple of issues.  I reported the issue
about the target project not being set, and you kindly pointed out
that it was fixed on trunk.  I pulled in the change that fixed it (had
to hand type it since it's painful for me to import this stuff... I'm
not connected to the internet).  Not it doesn't backtrace, but it
created the branch in the wrong location.  I told it to put the branch
in branches/my-test-branch, but it ended up using the branch nickname
instead.  As a user, I'm a little confused by that behavior.  You may
have fixed this in a subsequent revision, and when I get back to my
machine at home, I'll try out trunk just to be sure.

The other issue I ran into is that bzr-svn backtraces if I try to bzr
push into the top-level of the repo (a sibling to trunk).  I found
this out because I was just trying to get a feel for how things would
look pushing an entirely new branch into Subversion that wasn't
originally branched from there.  So I created an empty test repo...
and you can see where that went.

Finally, I'm curious if it's possible that in a normal workflow (of
branching trunk, making changes and pushing to the branches area of
Subversion) if it's possible to get that extra copy step of trunk to
branches with no other changes.  The reason I ask is because I'm in a
situation where I can commit to a repository, but someone else is
likely to merge the changes that I've made back into to trunk.  I'd
really like to use Bazaar, but the guy integrating is likely only
using Subversion.  Using the standard 'svn log --stop-on-copy'
paradigm doesn't quite work for determining where to start the merge
command, because that first revision currently introduces changes that
we want to bring in with the merge.  Any help you have on this front
would be most useful.

Thanks again!


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