Can we separate authors with ; instead of \n please?

Andrew Bennetts andrew.bennetts at
Fri Mar 6 01:47:20 GMT 2009

ian.clatworthy at wrote:
> jml, lifeless and I were talking about a search language yesterday
> so users can doing something like ...
>   bzr log -s committer=me:
> With this in mind, I'm wondering whether it would make searching
> authors easier if they were separated by ; instead of a newline
> internally.

I'm not sure this is the right way to approach the problem.  Why should the
internal representation of a multi-valued field leak into the UI?

i.e. I'd expect a hypothetical query tool to let me match on “author is X”,
and have bzr just DTRT when there are multiple authors on a commit, without
me as a user caring if they are delimited by \n, ;, \0, or ♫  :)

(I'd almost expect the internal representation to be the presence of
multiple “author” properties on the one revision, rather than a single
“authors” property, but that's much of a muchness...)


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