bzr 1.13 release manager wanted

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Mar 5 08:26:29 GMT 2009

2009/2/18 Bob Tanner <tanner at>:

> I will volunteer.
> I read
> That's the next step?

That's basically what happens.

Some of those steps are going to be a little tricky as you're not
already in the core team so can't push to some of those locations.
However if you're keen to work on this we can certainly change to add
you.  I know you've been around for a while and you seem pretty
sensible. :-)

So what I propose we do is that you be the release manager this time,
and just draw on myself or Vincent or John (who may be closest to your
timezone) for help with anything or to get access to upload.  You'll
need a gpg key to sign pqm submissions, and you'll need a account to upload the final tarball.

Thanks for volunteering.
Martin <>

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