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Benjamin Peterson wrote:
> Russel Winder <russel.winder <at>> writes:
>> I probably should know the answer but . . .
>> I am currently using as my Bazaar as I need to have versions of
>> some plugins that only work with versions of Bazaar not yet released.
>> However this means I get lots of deprecation warnings that I would, to
>> be honest, rather not know about.  Is there an easy way of switching off
>> the deprecation warnings when using
> You could alias "bzr" to "python -Wignore::DeprecationWarning" /path/to/bzr.

You can call "bzrlib.symbol_versioning.suppress_deprecation_warnings()"

We do it as part of bzrlib.commands.main() when we check that
bzrlib.version_info[3] == 'final' (final release code, rather than 'dev'
or 'candidate').

You could write a plugin that tries to get loaded early to set that,
hack your copy of though honestly, I don't know what
deprecation warnings you are getting. I run with quite a few plugins,
and only bzr-svn and bzrtools ever give me any grief about versions.

If you have other plugins that are giving DeprecationWarnings, I'll
mention that things that are deprecated are subject to removal, so if
they aren't updated, they may just stop working (well, most likely
they'll start raising Errors, which causes bzr itself to not work well).

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