File permissions after FTP push

Lukas Zapletal lukas91 at
Tue Mar 3 13:38:08 GMT 2009

> Ok, things has evolved a bit since the last time I checked the
> code.
> It appears that we start by getting the chmod bits from the base
> dir, so roughly: or
>, depending on whether you first
> ask for tox264 creation or not.
> The idea is to respect whatever mode bits has been set there
> (including writable by group, etc) but not the sticky bits
> though.
> Relevant code is bzrlib.BzrDir.bzrdir._find_creation_modes.
> So, you should first set the right chmod bits *on the server* for
> your directory (delete the existing one or do a chmod -R).

On the server, right? I thought it will respecting the local permissions.

Ok - so if I understand correctly I need to:

- delete the repo from FTP
- create directory there (like /repub/bzr/myproject)
- set permissions on that directory (lets say 777)
- push to that location forcing not creating new directory
- all files in the repo should be readable for all users (777)

> Can you try again and let me know how it works ?

Sure. I have used chmod -R approach and its ok now.

After new commit the permissions of the .pack file is also OK.

Great - thanks a lot. This should be documented somewhere...

Lukáš Zapletal

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