Help: create branch outside shared-repo

Alexandru Draghina alexandrei at
Thu Feb 26 19:45:43 GMT 2009


For my first post on this mailing list, I need some help and advice
about how should I do a little trick - actually the trick for which I
started using bazaar :)

At work, I use a svn repo, file based, on a network share (we're only
two people using it, but we had to set it up on the server so it's
"safe") When I began using bzr, I did the following:

% mkdir ~/workspace
% cd ~/workspace
% bzr init-repo --rich-root-pack .
% bzr co //path/to/svn/repo/bla/bla/trunk project_svn_trunk
[.. bzr downloads the svn revisions, etc, creates a working tree in
"project_svn_trunk", all nice and fluffy]
% bzr branch project_svn_trunk src 
[.. work on src/ .. commit, update, merge back to project_svn_trunk,
commit to svn, etc]

At some point, I wanted to do some work at home (using a flash drive to
carry the stuff over). So I did:

cd ~/workspace
bzr branch project_svn_trunk /media/disk/work_for_home

The idea was to have a branch on the drive, that I could copy at home
or work directly on the flash drive, but with the possibility to branch
again from it, and then to merge it back at work. failed; i tried with "push". failed again. I created another repo
on the flash drive (rich-root, again), and tried to "push" to it or to
"pull"/"checkout" from a new branch in it. failed again.

The errors were about missing revisions or something (of course, since
they were in the shared repo, inside ~/workspace/.bzr). Anyway.. is
there a way to do this?

Basically, all I want to do is to branch from (inside) a shared repo
(with rich-root-pack + bzr-svn), to a different location, work there,
and then be able to merge back to a local branch (WORK-branch-svn ->
WORK-branch -> FLASHDRIVE -> HOME-newbranch+etc -> merge back to

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

(PS: in the "commands" above there may be some errors - the OS was
actually WinXP + bzr 1.11; since then, I tried the same thing on Linux
+ bzr 1.12, with same issues)

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